These are the do’s and don’ts when doing jungle trekking in Bukit Lawang

1. Listen to your guides

Our guides are well trained and now the jungle from the back of their hand. They take care of everyone’s safety so it is important to listen to them while in the jungle.

2. No feeding or touching of wildlife

We know it is tempting to touch or feed animals while jungle trekking. But for your and their welfare we are against that. Listen to your guide on what to do when you encounter any wildlife. Especially orangutans share 96% DNA with us, so any disease can be easily transferred and even kill them.

3. Be quiet and keep distance

You visit the natural habitat of a lot of species. Respect their environment and be quiet. Also don’t get close to any wildlife. We recommend 5-10 meters distance. Orang utans are very strong; they can easily break your bones. That’s why we ask you to always keep distance. This is not a zoo, wild animals are not predictable. The semi-wild orangutans from the former feeding center are used to humans. And sometimes they want to touch you. If that happens, stay calm and follow the instructions of your guides.

4. Keep clean

Leave nothing but footprints and take all your rubbish with you. Our guides will provide rubbish bags. Also if you see leftovers from others. Just pick it up. This also applies for fruit peels. The human germs on them can infect the wildlife as well.

5. Be respectfull

The Gunung Leuser National Park is a fragile ecosystem. Please don’t destroy or break plants, harm animals or take fruit.

For more information about jungle trekking please contact us or check our tripadvisor page

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