If you want to do jungle trekking in Bukit Lawang, you must bring the following things:

Jungle trekking can cause some unplanned situations – from weather changes, to exhaustion or health issues. Therefore it is better to be prepared for everything. Here is a packing list for jungle trekking in Sumatra. Try to make your luggage as light as possible.

Small backpack, change of clothes, raincoat, swimwear, towel, toilet paper, personal hygiene products, medicine, camera, waterproof bag (if available), moskito repellent, sunblock, torch, sandals/flip flops (to walk around the camp).

Hygiene products: We recommend bringing natural soap and shampoo with you. Most common products contain micro plastic. With the use of natural product you can help keep microplastics out of the fragile ecosystem.

Clothes: Nights can be chilly in the jungle, so we recommend bringing long sleeve shirts and trousers/leggins. Wearing something comfortable is most important. No need to wear long clothes during the trek as there are few moskitos and leeches.

Shoes: No dedicated hiking boots needed, but you may use them of course. Trainers with a good grip are also possible.

You can leave your luggage in your accommodation.

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